Sporting opportunities are many and varied from Prep to Year 6 with all children participating in Swimming lessons and carnivals, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals.  St Joseph’s is one of a number of Catholic schools that participate in a Zone Interschool Sporting competition for all children in Years 4 – 6 and PE lessons are held on a weekly basis for all students.  Lessons are based on the Australian Curriculum guidelines where skills and physical development is enhanced.  Fun, learning and participation at PE are our key priorities.  In addition, students 10yrs – 12yrs have the opportunity to advance through to state level in a variety of sports including, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Softball, Swimming, Athletics, Netball and all Football codes among a number of others.

In recent years, St Joseph’s has been very competitive in District and Zone carnivals having achieved a number of championship trophies.  Together with parent volunteers, our PE teachers work to provide a healthy and thriving sporting culture.