​​​​​​​St Joseph's ​Catholic Primary School is committed to planning and providing a high quality, 21st century Catholic education; an education focused on the development of the human person created whole in the image and likeness of God, bringing faith, life and culture into our school life.  Our dedicated and professional staff deliver personalised and authentic learning opportunities for all students. 

The Australian Curriculumwill be the source of all curriculum planning and reporting for all Learning Areas covered by the Australian Curriculum. The Religion Curriculum are the source for all planning of Religious Education in Brisbane Catholic Education Schools. ​The school's curriculum is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the students and community and provides viable pathways ​and transitions for all students. The school curriculum planning identifies and articulates:  ​Who our students and community are and how these influence and inform the development of the school's curriculum; ​Beliefs and values of our Learning and Teaching Framework​ ​and how these are enacted within our school curriculum. ​


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