Parents and Friends Association

The work of the Parents and Friends Association (P & F) demonstrates the importance of taking pride in and belonging to the community as a whole.

In carrying out its role,  the Parents and Friends Association:

  • Endeavours to develop a community of parents, teachers and students which reflects a truly Christian ethos;

  • Works collaboratively with the principal and other school authorities in pursuit of common goals;

  • Ensures that a high level of interaction exists between the home and school, and parents and teachers;

  • Creates a healthy forum for ideas to be discussed on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of the children or the school community;

  • Benefits the education of the children or the school community;

  • Provides additional resources which are considered necessary for the children or to assist the teachers in their professional work;

  • Assists in planning and organising functions associated with the social, sporting, cultural, spiritual and educational life of the school community.

A school like St. Joseph's can only exist with strong parental commitment and we invite you to develop close links with the school. This can be achieved by becoming involved with the P & F Association which meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7.3Opm. In this way, parents can be kept well informed of school developments.